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Edmonton Trusts Healthcare Acupuncture Centre

Healthcare Acupuncture Centre’s Dr. Boxin Wanglin has 35 years of experience in the field of acupuncture therapy. This shows in the glowing reviews that she constantly receives from her clients and is a testament to her dedication to helping them.

Truly Blessed to Have Met Dr. Boxin

“I am truly blessed to have met Dr. Boxin in my lifetime. After numerous visits and several ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors for a period of 8 months, I was clinically diagnosed as having Ménière’s disease. Doctors gave me prescriptions to alleviate my symptoms. After eight months of going back and forth to doctors, nothing changed. My sister is seeing Dr. Boxin. I then decided to give it a try with acupuncture. After 6 treatments with Boxin, I am comfortable in saying that she is indeed doing something in reducing my symptoms. Now I can tolerate Ménière’s disease.”

Attentive and Listens to the Patient’s Concerns

“Boxin is truly dedicated in accepting challenges such as mine; she is attentive and listens to the patient’s concerns, and will suggest certain herbs that may help you. I will definitely spread the word and refer anyone with issues to Boxin Wanglin.”

Willing to Answer the Phone Out of Hour

“Excellent Doctor! Dr. Boxin and her staff were kind and caring all through the treatments for our son, and she was more than willing to answer the phone out of hour when we had questions. Highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Wanglin.”

My Symptoms Improved Significantly After Her Treatments

“Dr. Boxin Wanglin is extremely knowledgeable and cares about her patients. She has treated me for seasonal allergies, eczema and my symptoms improved significantly after her treatments. We are lucky to have Dr. Boxin Wanglin at her skill level in Alberta!”

Helped Me With My Severe Fatigue and Emotional Imbalances

“She is an excellent doctor. I went to see Boxin after seeing other acupuncturists who didn’t really help me. She has helped me with my severe fatigue and emotional imbalances. I saw results after my second treatment. I feel more energetic now, my life is back. My energy levels are so much better. My emotions are stable, no more stress and I feel overall happier. Boxin is professional, knowledgeable and her treatments are more effective. I reassure to recommend her!”

Made a Difference After My First Consultation

I have known Dr. Boxin Wanglin for many years. She really made a difference after my first consultation and treatment. She is a very knowledgeable talent in the field of medicine, not only on this field. She has magic and healing hands. Dr. Boxin Wanglin is helping me with multiple issues, and I am pleased to have her as my family doctor and specialist in infertility.

Numbness is Gone and Has Never Returned

“I felt numbness in my feet over the course of 6 months and I just ignored it thinking it will go away but it never did. I finally decided to do something about it by visiting Dr. Boxin. Dr. Boxin did her acupuncture on me for 6 treatments and the numbness is gone and has never returned. She is really good and knowledgeable in her field .”

Helped Us With My Daughter’s Infertility

“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Boxin Wanglin for more than 10 years. She helped us with my daughter’s infertility. Now my daughter has the most beautiful daughter. Dr. Boxin Wanglin is an excellent health practitioner. I highly recommend her to anyone.”