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Acupuncture and Manual Osteopathic Therapy in Edmonton

Explore the healing benefits of Acupuncture, Manual Osteopathic Therapy and Massage Therapy at the Healthcare Acupuncture Centre in Edmonton. Led by Dr. Boxin Wanglin, a seasoned acupuncturist with decades of experience in traditional Chinese medicine, our clinic offers comprehensive acupuncture services and herbal medicine treatments for various health ailments and disorders.

Acupuncture, a trusted healing technique practiced in China for over 4,000 years, is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Schedule an appointment with us to experience the therapeutic effects of these time-tested methods.

​For your initial visit, enjoy a complimentary consultation and assessment. Avail yourself of a $30 gift coupon for your first acupressure treatment. We also offer special rates for students, children, and seniors, providing a single acupressure treatment at only $55. Take the first step towards wellness by filling out the form below with your requirements, and we’ll promptly respond to your needs.

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Benefits of Cupping Massage Therapy

Read on to find out:

  • Pain relief: Cupping massage therapy is well-known for easing pain and addressing concerns like muscle tension and joint discomfort.
  • Improved blood circulation: Enhances blood flow, promoting better oxygenation and nutrient delivery to tissues, supporting overall well-being.
  • Stress reduction: Cupping helps relax muscles and release tension, reducing stress levels and improving mental well-being.
  • Detoxification: Aids in flushing out toxins from the body, supporting the natural detox process.
  • Enhanced healing: Speeds up the body’s natural healing processes, facilitating faster recovery from injuries and illnesses.
  • Muscle relaxation: Relieves muscle tightness and promotes relaxation, offering relief from stiffness and discomfort.
  • Balanced energy flow: Traditional Chinese medicine suggests cupping helps balance the body’s energy, promoting harmony and vitality.
  • Skin health: May contribute to improved skin health by stimulating collagen production and promoting a healthy complexion.
  • Immune system support: Cupping enhances the immune system, potentially boosting the body’s ability to fend off illnesses.
  • Holistic well-being: Integrates seamlessly with other wellness practices, fostering a comprehensive approach to health and self-care.

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Embark on a journey to optimal health with the Healthcare Acupuncture Centre. Whether you seek the rejuvenating benefits of cupping massage or a personalized approach through acupuncture and herbal medicine, our experienced team, led by Dr. Boxin Wanglin, is here for you. Take the first step towards a healthier, balanced life—schedule your appointment now and experience the transformative power of holistic wellness.

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